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While here you can see my newest drawings, they aren't necessarily the best, so go see trough my gallery :D

Art done for me

Art done for me :D


:star::star::star::star::star::star:QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS:star::star::star::star::star::star:

:bulletblue: Q: How do you do your art? Do you use a tablet?

:bulletyellow: A: No. I do not use a tablet. I sketch traditionally, then color on computer, using Paint for lineart (MS paint on my laptop, or Sumopaint on the internet if it works :P), then I color on photoshop (using a mouse) :)

:bulletblue: Q: Do you take requests/Art trades/comissions?

:bulletyellow: A: I won't do requests, with Art trades you have to ask, and with comissions I shall post a journal once they open again :P

:bulletblue: Q: Can we be friends?

:bulletyellow: A: Friendship takes time. You need to talk to me more and allow me to get to know you before I can label you as a friend :)

:bulletblue: Q: Do you want to RP?

:bulletyellow: A: RP: s are for FRIENDS ONLY like my ID states; I only rp with people I trust enough/have talked to enough and know for a fact that the rp won't turn awkward. ^^;

:bulletblue: Q: what shippings you support?

:bulletyellow: A: First of all; I am FINE with people supporting different couples. It's done for fun anyway :)
As for my favorite shippings: Shadouge is my main fav ship, other couples I support are Sonamy, silvaze and Knuxade. But I ALSO enjoy Sonadow, Tailsmo, Shadamy and Shadmaria to a degree. (With shadmaria I prefer to view them as friends though.)

:bulletblue: Q: What you mostly draw?

:bulletyellow: A: Sonic style, Humans (Star Wars/my original characters) sometimes I try out Anthro style.





Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
A girl from the small country of Finland :la: I draw mainly for fun, not to make a profession out of it, but I still hope you enjoy my drawings ^^

I draw Sonic style, humans and sometimes may try out anthro.

NOTE: NEITHER of my mains is my "fursona," they are just the two "main characters" of this gallery

My best buddy here: :iconrox-ann:

Oher good DA mates:

:iconseuris::iconmodoxxthehedgehog::iconfoxiproduction::iconsydney-empire::icondr-galaxy: :iconowlybat::iconana-crazy::icontuxsonic::iconmatryoshka-ka100::icongeekygirlheather:

People I know IRL: :iconeunpeace: :iconhiremu:my former schoolmates

My main female character:Valery stamp by ValeryScar Her info:

my main male character: Scar stamp two by ValeryScar His

No Requests by SweetDuke if I draw something to someone for free, it means this person is a friend and it's a gift. i won't draw to random people asking for art, sorry
DA stamp - Roleplays 006 by tppgraphics I ONLY RP with people I trust enough. So no random RP comments please ^^;

Shadow stamp by SonyaLSSonic the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiBlaze Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiRouge stamp by SonyaLSMephiles Stamp by Miha85Tails Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSBB Stamp by LlingyL Death Note Stamp by NeyjourAnakin Skywalker stamp by ShaigerStar Wars Jedi Stamp 16 by dA--bogeymanStar Wars Sith Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanObi-Wan by madeofneonI Survived Order 66 part 2 by StampsByNykoSith Stamp by melonhead-emotionJedi Stamp by melonhead-emotionJedis Are Cool by renatalmarSxR Fan STAMP by rouge11Mythbusters Stamp by SoaringWindSupport Stamp: Cry by Lavender-SoulI love Detective Conan Stamp by shadowhatesomochaoDeath Note Stamp by BusirisStar Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfangThree Days Grace Stamp by Kezzi-Rosebreaking benjamin stamp 5 by SilverStream1Linkin Park - Stamp by lostreality91Green Day Stamp by josephhaubertFinland Stamp by l8My Mind Is Blown by LaurenEatsChildrenSaturday by fear-the-brillianceMy Life, Based On A True Story by LaurenEatsChildrenZambia by SirvanaRachanaAdults are just kids by Illumi-NationCold Pillow by DesuSigMakerThe Friend Stamp by BusirisOriginal Character Personality by Stamp221I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dProud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiWanna Stamp by agra19I luff chocolate by prosaixSummer stamp by HappyStampSTAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwangCoffee Stamp by CarinaReisMusic Makes The World Go Round by BratLittlePrincessI CAN DO IT BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE DO IT by endlerDespite the certain people in the fandom... by AwesomeLurkerStamp - Make Your Own by AmyJSmylieMake Sense Please Stamp by In-The-ZoneTruth Set You Free Stamp by mirz-altNo Matter Their Age or Gender by endlerIntrovert by skinnyveestampGee Would My Face Have Been Red by ashestoI'm Blue (Da Ba De Da Ba Di) by ashestoI love sunsets by ShantellaRed and Black love stamp by izka197Pisces 2 by SquallxZell-LeonhartThe Hedgehog Way Stamp by LightningChaos2010Pajamas Stamp by WorldincoffeeFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146deviant-repellant stamp by BeagleTsuinTolerate Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafSonic Says Stamp by LightningChaos2010Ask Away Stamp by LightningChaos2010Stretching Stamp by LightningChaos2010McNosehair Stamp by LightningChaos2010Anti-Drama RP and Stories Stamp by KisumiKitsune:: Love for every OC :: by LuaSentinelA Mouse Artist Stamp by nirmanNo Chainmail Please by WolfSelkey

Current Residence: Northern Europe
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: My mother ( it's her hobby, she just is good)
MP3 player of choice: blue Ipod with blue headphones
Favourite cartoon character: Shadow the hedgehog, Alucard and Integra from Van Hellsing, Gin from Detective conan

Aside of making the reference sheets for my SW characters, what else should I work with? 

1 deviant said Make some funny mini comics (would be about my SW characters or sonic FC)
1 deviant said Other *comment*
No deviants said The fanfics? Shrouded Secrets, Devil and the Thief, Mission: Vanished Valery
No deviants said Draw some shadouge fanart after a while
No deviants said Draw couple pics about my FC couples

Re-cap of an artist's DA life

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 1:11 PM

So, I saw few other people do this kind of re-cap about their DA time, so I figured why not to do it as well? I am really bored anyway...

Joined: October 25 2010

I first joined the site when I was around 15, about to turn 16 in few months. I had planned on doing so for a long time, but didn't dare until at that point. I joined under the name of DawnTheHedgieGirl (yeah, hedgehogs, because originality had not developed into my brain yet) 

Like most new people around here, I was bit of a n00b at first, not really understanding all the confusing stuff that made up Deviantart. 
I even fell for one of those prank signatures where clicking the link will automatically deliver the person to their own homepage. I actually thought it was for real, and not a silly prank of this kind :facepalm::XD:
At least it was the positive version of this prank, but I cannot stop but facepalm at my stupidity back then. 

I joined as a Sonic artist, and my DA life began with an image I made of Rouge Jazzy Rouge by ValeryScar the second picture I ever made was also my first fan character, a wolf count named Tristan whom I ended up never using. :lmao:
Finally I made the namesake of my account, and my first representative character, Dawn the Hedgehog. Dawn Inferna the Hedgehog by ValeryScar (I actually changed the style somewhat immediately after posting this, but I have deleted that picture sadly.) she was apparently the daughter of Iblis, who lived with Shadow and Rouge and their children (my fankids for the two) and she had a sister named Shanti. 
Scar, my current male main was also first created during this time, but he was a shadouge fanchild of another shadouge family from other dimension than Dawn was from. (He was kind of a Gary Stu, but we get to that later) 

(Valery Wildcat was born much later.)

After making Dawn, my brain spawned more characters, some better, some not so good. 
I was also first probably known from my Shadouge art, which mainly got positive feedback. I also began few fanfictions, whom I sadly never ended up finishing. 
My first actual DA friend I made was :iconmissydischa: whom I made friends with because of a picture I drew of Mephiles, who is apparently her favorite character. We used to chat a lot, and RP'd too. (Sadly, nowadays I rarely talk to her)
My best DA friend :iconrox-ann: I gained with this picture Demon bros by ValeryScar  I honestly don't remember why, but she asked me to do some sort of demon design for two of her characters. I tried. Back then it looked like a brilliant piece of artwork, but I sucked so bad. But still; this picture gained me a long lasting friendship with this German girl :D

I began gaining watchers slowly as my skills developed and in general I talked to different people and tried to be as nice as possible. There were darker times too, when I wanted to leave the whole page. 

One biggest case like this was when I did something really stupid in the mind-beating teenage angst storm; I posted a ranting journal about a person IRL (no names mentioned! No death threats! Just lots of angry emoticons...) and I got LOTS of bad feedback about it. It honestly felt horrible, but after it passed away, I got over it and also had learned something valuable, and never made that mistake again. I still scold myself for doing that back then, but what can I say? I was a teenager. 

There was also a time where I drew fanart for this anime called Battle-B-Daman for a while, though this phase passed rather quickly. It was also the first time of me trying to draw humans for my account. I made few new acquaintances during that time, sadly we do not speak as much anymore. 

Then I faced a little technical crisis; my laptop got busted, so I had to get a new one. Which turned out to be mum's old one, who was old but still a lot better than mine. Along with it I got a new, better version of photoshop.

Valery's birth story is kind of random: one day I sketched out this random style for a blue feline girl, and absolutely fell in love with it. This girl eventually became what we nowadays know as Valery Wildcat, my female main. (She was first some sort of genetic project with the name of Vengance, and she had two twin sisters.)

I eventually changed my username to VenganceWildcat due to me wanting to switch my main character from Dawn to Valery/then known as Vengance. 

It was around this time I began to feel concern over the quality of my characters, and started developing especially the (probably) most-known ones of mine; Dawn and her sister became Dragons which was more suitable considering the element they used, and their father was switched into another FC instead of Iblis. Scar I changed into an individual character with no blood relation to Shadow or Rouge. (His current story was developed later though; it's pretty recent.) I also tuned his powers down a lot, and gave him major weaknesses that he used to lack back then.

Scar's style did not need much changing as it was pretty original as it was; already back when he was a fanchild, I had gotten compliments that his design was really unique for a fanchild, which was also one of the reasons I took the fanchild part off from him.  
Around this time I also had to make a cut down with my characters; I had over 70 of them and I barely used half of it. So I either stopped using some, or adopted them. (This happened in three stages, not all at once.) 

Then.....I had to change my laptop YET again after about a year of using the old one. This time I got a brand new laptop with new Windows 8 system. (Apparently as a payment for being such a good student at school/big sister for my brother.)

I also discovered Sumopaint from the Internet that made my linearting look smoother. 

I made the final name change (ValeryScar) as I changed Vengance's Bg story and she became the girl we know now; Valery. I also added Scar to the name as I felt he was the closest character to me out of all of them. 

These changes honestly turned out to be a rather positive thing: I began gaining watchers rather fast, there was a time I gained one or two per day. I also began getting even more positive feedback, and making bunch of new friends to chat with.

 Not to mention I began getting gifts from people I had only talked few times with. And I still cannot thank these people enough for taking their time to make something for me. ^^ I appreaciate it

 It's a nice feeling to know people like your art and stories! I even got people who I did not know me or did not watch me commenting to me and asking me when I continue my fanfics. 

I also began taking critique in a better manner. (Halleluja!) I was never a brat about it, but it used to sting a lot more than it does nowadays. 
Still....a tip if you want to make a good critique: sandwich model! Thats what I always hear the pros and teachers saying. Remember to add both positive and negative points. ;) 

Okay, going away from the subject here....

So, anyway...

In the most recent times, I began making fan art for my all time favorite movie set, Star wars, and even had a separate account for my SW art for a while. I ended up deactivating it because it was too much of a hassle go back and forth with two accounts. Since this caused me to draw humans more, my skills at drawing them began obviously developing. I ended up making few fan characters of my own, whose (hopefully) final infos I am actually making right now, during these days. 

I also made a bunch of new friends recently, like :iconmatryoshka-ka100: , :iconana-crazy: , :icontuxsonic: and many more! re-cap shortly: I came in as a greenhorn, I sucked at originality, I learned, got better, made friends, few more friends and stuff.

If there is anything more you'd like to know, you just ask. :)

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